Personal Training

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Personal Training

Train in the privacy of my home studio or at the Penticton Vees team gym at the South Okanagan Events Centre.

A custom workout program is created for each client based on the clients goals, age, exercise experience, and time commitment!
Not everyone has the same goals when it comes to training, why should all programs be the same!
I work around your schedule to make sure it is as convenient as possible in your life!

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My approach to each client is unique, and depends on their age, fitness level, time commitment, consistency, and a variety of other factors. I believe that what the “best results” looks like is different for every client. At the same time, to achieve the best results possible, the motivation has to come from the client. That is why my priority is to customize a workout that they can manage, instill the value of consistency and putting in maximum effort, and provide step-by-step support along the way.

Junior Prep Camp

Train with Penticton Vees Assistant Coach and Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Personal Training

Train in the privacy of a home studio instead of in a busy gym.

Group Training

Great for those who don’t like working out alone, choose from a variety of different services.

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