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NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Hockey Canada High Performance 1 Hockey Coach 

Fitness, hockey, and personal training have always been my passions in life. I moved to Penticton in 2016 and have been coaching with the Penticton Vees of the BCHL since. I began training high level athletes in the summer of 2017. As Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Penticton Vees I see how hard work, organization, and commitment translate to success on the ice and in life. I offer personal training services of all kinds for people in the Penticton area. Contact me today to see how I can help you get in the best shape of your life!


Sports and fitness have always been my passion, get to know a little more about me here!

Junior Hockey Prep Camp

Train for your upcoming hockey season with the Strength & Conditioning coach of the Penticton Vees!

Personal Training

Train with Matt in a private studio and get in the best shape of your life!

Group & Team Training

Train alongside friends or teammates and get in great shape together! 

What is training with Matt like?

I believe that I have to take a different approach with each client I train. Every client has different goals so why should every program be the same? I push my clients at a pace they are comfortable with and in an organized and structured manner. I also believe that you have to have some fun in the gym or you won’t truly love it as well!

Who Should Look For Personal Training?

If you want to strengthen, train and condition your body, hiring a personal trainer can help you get in the shape of your life. Train along side your friends or in a private studio with 1:1 sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if personal training is right for you? See some of these popular questions and answers that might help answer your doubts!

How soon can I expect results from personal training?

Results are all based on consistency,commitment to the program, and a healthy diet. Training with a consistent, structured, and challenging program you can see results in as little as a month!

How much does personal training cost?

The base price for an individual session is $65/hr + GST, however the more sessions that are booked the more discounted the cost. There are also different pricing options for group and team training available as well.

Is there a big risk to getting hurt or injured in the gym?

As with anything in life there is always a risk for injury. However if the movements are learned properly, things are taken slow, and form is the main focus before weight then the risk of injury goes substantially down. I am a big believer in focusing on mobility and pre-hab movements as well to assure that my clients are as pain-free as possible. My goal is to make you feel better, not worse!

Is personal training right for me?

There are countless reasons to need a personal trainer. You can be very experienced in the gym but have hit a plateau and need someone to push you out of it. You may feel lost training yourself and need some professional guidance and motivation. You may have never set foot in a gym in your life and have decided to make a positive change in your life! No matter what your reason is I promise that I will help you reach your goal and become a better version of yourself.

How often do I need to workout?

I am a big believer in at least 30 minutes of activity per day. With that being said you do not need to train with a trainer every single day. Quite often 2-3 workouts per week are enough to make a positive change in your life when it comes to the gym. If you supplement gym sessions with outdoor activities such as walking, running, hiking, cycling, paddle boarding, etc you will be doing more than enough activity to be healthy. Enjoying your workouts is a critical component to keeping active and healthy in the long run. I even have never liked the word “workout”, It feels like playing to me as I enjoy it so much! Its my goal to get you in that mindset as well!

About Me

As an athlete, fitness enthusiate, and coach, I have been training and working with high-level athletes since 2017. Fitness and growth however has been an ongoing passion. I believe each client has unique needs, and goals, and therefor require a unique approach. I push my clients at a pace they are able to handle to help them achieve their goals.

“Training with Matt is a fantastic experience. His attention to detail, organization, professional manner, and motivation helped push me harder than I knew I could and the results showed.”

Heidi Harbinson

“Matt has done a fantastic job helping our boys improve their fitness, strength, and speed. These improvements have helped both of them tremendously on the ice as they try and progress to the next level.”

Scott Niedermayer

4 time Stanley Cup Champion and 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist


“Training with Matt during the summer of 2018 helped prepare me for the best season of my career. As a player who struggled to build strength and gain weight Matt was able to push me harder than I ever was before. His structure, organization, and motivation are second to none and the results translate onto the ice”

James Miller

BCHL Defenceman of the year

“Something that really stood out to me throughout my experience training with Coach Fraser was that he practiced what he preached. He made it easy to push myself to my limit because he set the example himself and I really respect that!”

Nolan Hildebrand

Babson College Goaltender

“Matt Fraser is one of those guys that loves the game and all aspects of it. I remember being outside on their outdoor rink for hours and hours and I rarely found someone who loved just being on the ice as much as I did and Matt did. Always enjoy talking the game with him and getting his take on things. A very smart hockey mind but an even better person”

Mark Scheifele

Winnipeg Jets

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